Flat Jesus Project 2015

Flat Jesus Project
Trinity Episcopal Church of West Pittston
Summer 2015

Flat Jesus looks at Trinity web

What is the Flat Jesus Project?

“I am with you always…” These were Jesus’s words to his disciples—and to us—just before he ascended to Heaven (Matthew 28:20). Flat Jesus is a visible reminder of that promise and a way to remember to take our Lord with you everywhere you go in life.
This lighthearted project was started by an Episcopal Church in Michigan and has since spread around the world. It was based on a children’s book about Flat Stanley and the way teachers used the character to help children have fun connecting with each other by taking Flat Stanley figures with them during the day and sharing pictures of his adventures.

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What do we do with Flat Jesus?

• Color/decorate and then cut out the Flat Jesus picture.
• Laminate it front and back with clear contact paper for durability
• Attach the stick with glue or tape to make it easier to hold Flat Jesus for photos
• Flat Jesus is very portable, so take him with you wherever you go—to work, school, the store, the playground, out to dinner, to camp, to a party, on vacation, to visit relatives, anywhere! Jesus enjoyed spending time with his friends traveling, having dinner together, and just hanging out, so he’ll love being with you wherever you go—but he also spent time in worship, so don’t forget to bring him to church, too!
• Take pictures! Take selfies with Flat Jesus, or take his picture showing where you are. Share where you and Flat Jesus have been by posting pictures to Trinity’s Facebook page, by emailing the photos to trinityepiscopalwestpittston@hotmail.com for posting to Facebook and our website, or by bringing actual photos to church to be displayed.
• Share your adventures with Flat Jesus with family and friends—maybe even help them make their very own Flat Jesus! Some kits with a Flat Jesus cut out, a stick, and clear contact paper will be available in the church or by emailing trinityepiscopalwestpittston@hotmail.com, and the Flat Jesus template is available here if you need more copies. Share Jesus with everyone!

Flat Jesus on a donkey final 6-12-15