Music Around the World 2015

Music Around the World is an annual event sponsored by MUSICare Project and Trinity Church to provide an opportunity for young families to share a fun day of international music and food. Featuring storytime, a full Music Together family class, a bit of coloring, and child-friendly snacks from around the world, the event provides an opportunity for children from birth through age five and their favorite grown-ups to sing, dance, wiggle, giggle, and jiggle and to have fun together and with others. The families also got to try out an Australian didgeridoo, to learn about some animals from other countries, to learn a game from Africa, and to sing and dance along with folk and traditional music from about a dozen different countries. This was the third year for the event and we look forward to many more.


Ada and bongos 3-21-15 Ada and Camden 3-21-15 Ada Bells 3-21-15 Alex and mom 3-21-15 Alex and the bongos 3-21-15


Alice and eggs 3-21-15 Bell brothers 3-21-15 Bells are fun 3-21-15 Bells are run 2 3-21-15 Ben and mommy dance 3-21-15 Ben and Noah 3-21-15 Birgit w didgeridoo 3-21-15 Braden and family 3-21-15 Braden and family say hello 3-21-15 Camden and didgeridoo 3-21-15 Camden sees more pages 3-21-15 Clackerpiller fun 3-21-15 Cole and instruments 3-21-15 Coloring fun 3-21-15 Dancing fun 3-21-15 Drum fun 1 3-21-15 Drum fun 2 3-21-15 Drummer alice 3-21-15 Drummer boy 3-21-15 drummer boy ben 3-21-15 Drummer layna 3-21-15 Drumming Iris 3-21-15 Dunn drum fun 3-21-15 Dunns and Grady color 3-21-15 Eli and Congo 3-21-15 Funga alafia 3-21-15 Giana and eggs 3-21-15 Giana and Layna 3-21-15 Grady and Ben 3-21-15 Group one 3-21-15 growing tall 3-21-15 Hassidic dancing 3-21-15 Heidi and grammy pick crayons 3-21-15 Heidi with sign 3-21-15 hiding our eyes 3-21-15 Instrument fun 2 3-21-15 Instrument fun 3-3-21-15 Instrument fun 4-3-21-15 Instrument tryouts 3-21-15 Iris flies 3-21-15 Layna with instruments 3-21-15 Lucas 3-21-15 Lucas and clackerpiller 3-21-15 Lucas and eggs 3-21-15 Luka and Cole and eggs 3-21-15 Luka and eggs 3-21-15 Luka and instruments 3-21-15 Luka and mom 3-21-15 Madeline and eggs 3-21-15 Madeline dances 3-21-15 MATW fun 3-21-15 Multitasking Heidi 3-21-15 Nathan and eggs 3-21-15 Nathan and maracas 3-21-15 Noah and mom make fireflies 3-21-15 Noah makes more fireflies 3-21-15 Sears girls with eggs 3-21-15 Sears ladies dance 3-21-15 Shaker eggs taste good 3-21-15 Tara and daughter 3-21-15