Faith Sharing

First Communion 6-3-12Trinity Church offers year-round Sunday School sessions each Sunday beginning at 10:55 a.m.  Children spend time in age-appropriate faith instruction before joining their families in the church sanctuary for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  The last Sunday of each month is Youth Ministry Sunday, and all children of the parish are invited and encouraged to make a special effort to take an active role in our celebration of Holy Eucharist on that day.

Because weekly attendance at Sunday School and Holy Eucharist is desirable but not always possible, we are reminded that a child’s Christian formation increasingly relies on the in-home efforts of their first and often best teachers, their parents.  In recognition of this, our Christian education program God’s People at Church and at Home is designed to go beyond a brief lesson at church each week and accommodates the busy schedules of today’s young families by providing take-home resources for children of all ages that support, expand and reinforce the lessons shared in Sunday School.

We are hopeful that all in the parish will make a commitment to provide regular encouragement for our youth and to support our Mission Statement for Christian Formation of Youth…

To team with parents willing to make a commitment to provide encouragement for our youth to:

  • participate in  church school every Sunday
  • make new discoveries about their faith by utilizing their age-appropriate curriculum and at-home resources all through the month
  • to pray every day
  • to participate in weekly Sunday Holy Eucharist
  • to volunteer and assist with the liturgical ministries on Youth Ministry Sunday scheduled on the last Sunday of every month and
  • to regularly share their talent and time in service to their Church and world.

Home Resources:

Episcopal Shield coloring page

Vibrant Faith at Home