Trinity Supports West Pittston Tomorrow


West Pittston Tomorrow is a grass-roots organization founded in the aftermath of the 2011 floods that devastated West Pittston Borough.  Since its inception, the group has worked tirelessly to help the borough recover from the flood and prevent future floods by lobbying for levees to protect the borough.  Visit their web site here for more information.

How you can support West Pittston Tomorrow:
  • Join their organization.

 West Pittston Tomorrow is committed not only to flood recovery and prevention but also to a number of other initiatives to improve our  community including establishment of a National Historical District and community as well as community events such as the annual Christmas Tree lighting, community gardens and recommendations of ordinances to improve our community.  Membership in West Pittston Tomorrow is $5.  For more information and a registration form, click here.


  • Sign the petition to protect West Pittston with levees.   For more information and links to online and printable petitions, click here.

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