Sunday Holy Eucharist | 11 AM

Worship is the central act of our life together and the Holy Eucharist is the heart of that life. The Book of Common Prayer is the norm of our services. Our uniformity of worship, while allowing for variations, serves to remind us of the universal nature of the Church. In our worship we are united with past, present and future generations of Christians.

To Episcopalians, worship is the most important thing we do and ultimately this reality should characterize all that we do in every area of life. Following our time of worship we are sent into the world to be instruments of God’s goodness, nurture and peace. Having received the gift of bread and drink from heaven we are sent to be bread and refreshment for one another and our world.

All baptized Christians, regardless of what Church they were baptized into, are welcome at the Lord’s Table to receive communion.  Those who are not baptized are welcome to join the congregation at the Lord’s Table to receive a blessing.